Tourists @ Angkor

“Mountain People Mountain Rocks” would be a new phrase to describe the flood of tourists overflowing at every tunnels and every roads in side the Angkor Archaeological Park. Luckily we decided to engage an experienced local guide to swim against the traffic. So we managed to cut down 95% of the tourists during our visit to Angkor (Siem Reap).

Tourists at Angkor (5)

Having the 5% tourist could make a difference to travel picture with dead object and scenery without human or other live subject.

Tourists at Angkor (1)

In this post, I would put one tourist inside the picture as my model.

Tourists at Angkor (12)

That gives you a sense of clothing and style other tourists were wearing during the winter (dry) season in Siem Reap.

Tourists at Angkor (4)

If you like to visit the temple tower inside Angkor Wat, make sure you wear long pants and less revealing attire. Shorts have to cover knee, and spaghetti T-shirt, tripods were not allowed. Some ladies have to wait for their boyfriend or husband to take off their shirt so that they could visit the temple. It is general respect for local culture and religion.

Some tourists were creative. 扮扑街。

Tourists at Angkor (3)

Some were having fun.

Tourists at Angkor (6)

Some paid detail attention to the explanation guide. This local visitor patiently read out every single words in the writing. It took her few minutes to finish. I have even more patient than her, because I am standing beside her listening to her reading. Smile

Tourists at Angkor (11)

Some tried to save few dollars from buying picture frame.

Tourists at Angkor (7)

Some liked to take their own pace to admire the splendour of the ancient marvels.

Tourists at Angkor (2)

Some would setup ‘cool’ looking pose whenever possible.

Tourists at Angkor (10)

Some liked to be tortured.

Tourists at Angkor (14)

Some liked to be blessed and felt lucky.

Tourists at Angkor (13)

Some loved to be exposed to foreign culture. This kid seemed to disagree or being confused.

Tourists at Angkor (8)

Some just liked to be there as a traveller, enjoying every present moment.

Tourists at Angkor (9)

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