Tonlé Sap Lake – Floating Village

As the largest fresh water lake in South East Asia and crowned with the UNESCO biosphere, I would expect lots of interesting scenes at Tonlé Sap Lake.

Tonle Sap Lake (4)

It was past 6pm by the time we reached Lake. The sky was covered with dark cloud.

Tonle Sap Lake (3)

The light condition was poor and there wasn’t much activities by the water edge.

Tonle Sap Lake (5)

I was a bit disappointed with only a few floating houses, and over commercialized operation.

Tonle Sap Lake (2)

I found that the roadside kampung with houses on high stilt were more interesting that the floating village.

Tonle Sap Lake (1)

If you have limited time and do not wish to spend USD15 per pax, you could skip the visit to the Floating Village. It is better to stop at the road side (on the way to Tonlé Sap Lake and visit the fishing village. The poor experience I had could largely due to the weather condition. I guess a good sunset could make a lot of difference.

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