Cambodian Cultural Village

With USD12 per pax, I have higher expectation for the Cultural Village.

Cambodian Cultural Village (1)

I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed with this place.

Cambodian Cultural Village (6)

1) it was relatively new setup but many facilities like washroom were in bad condition.

2) most the things were man-made but in very rough and less intricate manner (another word is low quality).

Cambodian Cultural Village (7)

There were object like headless superman (for you to put your head to take photo), King Kong, calculator (what on earth has the giant calculator to do with the theme?).

I was looking forward for the cultural performances, but the schedule was ridiculous. The village opens on 8am, but the first show only starts on 11am, the next show have to wait until 2:30pm, and the last show was 6:40pm. What kind of tourist have to spend the entire day, waiting for hours to watch each show?

If you really like to visit and make your entrance fee worth it. The better time could be on Friday to Sunday evening. There will be ‘The greatest King Jayavarman 7’ stage show performed at the open air Big Theater.

Since we have time on hand, we spent 2 hours walking around the concrete compound.

Cambodian Cultural Village (3)

After seeing many tourist sites in Asia, I think many tourism officers mistaken hard facility as culture. So many new site put up concrete or plastic figures and charge lots of money to so called heritage or cultural site.

Cambodian Cultural Village (4)

It is like a city with merely concrete structure but no soft culture to make it great.

Cambodian Cultural Village (2)

I heard that the Siem Reap (new) Zoo has been closed down. We could not find the Museum of Khmer Ancient Village published in the 2010 guide book (believe to close down too). So I am not sure how long can this cultural village last if they don’t make improvement.

Cambodian Cultural Village (5)

My rating? 0.5 stars out 5 stars. Waste of tuk tuk money (unless we visited on weekend evening).

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