People @ Siem Reap

In general, I found the people in Siem Reap were honest and hard working.

Cambodian (3)

Despite the shortage of material wealth, the people in Cambodia truly realized that happiness is about making the best use of what we have, and not hoping what we don’t have to give us happiness.

Cambodian (11)

Some people could only share one bucket to catch fish.

Cambodian (4)

Some people may have the big fishnet net or entire boat by himself.

Cambodian (8)

Some could be happy on solitary.

Cambodian (2)

Some were happy with companions.

Cambodian (1)

Some have grace and radiant.

Cambodian (7)

Some are happy to drink real mineral water from natural spring (instead of the 50 cents diluted draft beer).

Cambodian (6)

Some happy to work at golden age to pass on the heritage.

Cambodian (9)

Some have inner peace and bless others.

Cambodian (10)

And wishing many more rest in peace in the killing field.

Cambodian (5)

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