Street Foods @ Cameron Highlands

The best time to visit Cameron Highlands would be on Saturday (weekend night market), but not the weekend during school holidays or long weekends. The roads from Kea Farm to Brinchang town would be pack with tourists during the peak season. The worst nightmare was to be stuck at Sungai Palas (you could easily stuck for 1-2 hours for a 10 minutes drive).

Cameron Highlands Street Foods (6)

There are 2 types of sweet potatoes, purple or yellow. It can be eaten fried or steamed (with the skin).

Cameron Highlands Street Foods (2)

I personally preferred the yellow colour potatoes (softer and sweeter) as my third favourite snack on Cameron Highlands. My favourites are:

#2 Honey BBQ Pearl Sweet Corn

Cameron Highlands Street Foods (4)

The corn is so crunchy and sweet that it bursts inside your mouth with goodness. It is best eaten while it is hot.

Cameron Highlands Street Foods (3)

And the #1 has to be the fresh strawberries.

Cameron Highlands Crops (7)

The night market started on Saturday morning and get crowded in the evening. Since there is not much entertainment at night, visiting the night market at Brinchang becomes a popular activity for weekend tourists. There were few other interesting snack foods sold in the market.

Cameron Highlands Street Foods (1)

Raw honey. Eating raw honey (with the wax honeycomb). A small block was sold for RM2.

Cameron Highlands Street Foods (9)

Another interesting snack was fried vegetables and mushroom, the tempura style.

Cameron Highlands Street Foods (5)

I wasn’t too kin on seafood on highlands. The notion is like ‘how fresh can the seafood be on highlands or on desert’?

Cameron Highlands Street Foods (10)

One section of the market was ‘steamy hot’. The chicks by the road side were on fire.

Cameron Highlands Street Foods (12)

Other stores contributed the oily smoke.

Cameron Highlands Street Foods (7)

One advise is to wear clothing that you plan to wash to the night market. Your cotton shirt and wool sweater would taste liked grilled chicken with fried keoy teow (noodle).

Cameron Highlands Street Foods (11)

The night market was selling similar crops, souvenirs and snack food you probably seen on the day trip on the highlands. The difference that the market made would be aggregating the merchants on one convenient spot.

Cameron Highlands Street Foods (8)

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