Cactus Jungle

The amount of cactus plants on Cameron Highlands can create a miniature cactus jungle.

Cactus (6)

The most popular cactus in the year of dragon has to be the ‘Dragon Bones’.

Cactus (5)

Small potted cactus plant is a favourite for tourists, especially teenagers.

Cactus (4)

So Cameron Highlands mass produced cactuses to meet the market demands.

Cactus (3)

One of the good places to do ‘cactus watching’ is at the Cactus Point. Entrance is free.

Cactus (2)

We made a quick 15 minutes stopover on our way back. Cactus has a zen-liked symmetric outlook. It is nature’s wonder to witness the various shapes and forms of cactuses.

Cactus (1)

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