Flora Eden

Cameron Highlands is famous for its tea plantation, vegetables as well as flowers.

Flower (7)

Walking at the garden even in the high noon was not too hot due to the cooler temperature.

Flower (11)

Visiting flora shops and gardens were a good past times for many families and couples.

Flower (1)

Some of the more gardens charged between RM3 to RM5 per pax.

Flower (9)

MARDI is a government runs garden. It has more flora than other private operating gardens.

Flower (6)

I have bad experiences with some places such as the Butterfly farm (full of dead butterflies) and the bee farm (used to have plenty of flowers but my last visit hardly could see the bees and flowers).

Flower (8)

The Rose Garden used to be very famous but it was also a run down place (more cement statues than flowers).

Flower (2)

So we normally visit the free flora shops.

Flower (5)

This was our first time visiting MARDI at Tanah Rata. I would say for RM3, it was worth the entrance fee as compared to other fee based gardens.

Flower (12)

Most of the flowers in this post was taken at MARDI.

Flower (10)

If you plan to visit all the site, do allocate 1 to 2 hours.

Flower (13)

Do wear a hat as the gardens was open space with little shade.

Flower (14)

I like Cameron Highlands more than Genting Highlands primary because of the floras and and natural resources.

Flower (3)

Genting is more popular with its casino. If you don’t like gambling, then Cameron Highlands offers more trekking and outdoor activities.

Flower (4)

If you like bird watching and do nothing (meaning just rest), Fraser Hills would be another hill resort for consideration.

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