Revisiting Secret Garden

I went to bookstore at One Utama Shopping Centre to pick up some books. I made a quick visit to the roof top garden and took a few snapshots at the Secret Garden.

Secret Garden March 2012 (5)

There were slightly less flowers on this weekend, so I focused on patterns and textures.

Secret Garden March 2012 (1)

It was a relaxing and great mental therapy.

Secret Garden March 2012 (4)

Life is good if we can take some solitude moments. The ritual can clear our clouded minds.

Secret Garden March 2012 (8)

Things become simpler.

Secret Garden March 2012 (9)

Unattractive surroundings come alive.

Secret Garden March 2012 (7)

Even the wrinkle on the plant become more interesting.

Secret Garden March 2012 (3)

Discoveries around every corner become new learning experiences.

Secret Garden March 2012 (6)

With the peaceful mind and open heart, even defects look acceptable and have it place in the surrounding.

Secret Garden March 2012 (2)

Secret Garden is an awesome getaway in the midst of shops. The only ‘complaint’ if I am allowed to voice out perhaps was the fact that this garden is too ‘perfect’ (with pesticide?). I couldn’t find as many bugs as compared with other gardens. May be I am asking too much for a lovely garden opened free of charge to the public.

Thank you Secret Garden for letting me have a short stroll and a moment of solitude.

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