Holi Festival 2012 (Part 2)

Christine and I visited the Festival of Colour at Shree Lakshmi Narayan Temple this afternoon. She has a great time with many ‘beautiful’ and ‘colourful’ people.

Holi Festival 2012 (28)

A number of the visitors were foreign tourists.

Holi Festival 2012 (24)

That made the Holi Festival liked a combination of Benetton colours and United Nation.

Holi Festival 2012 (45)

Christine forgot to bring her camera so she chose to carry the water gun instead.

Holi Festival 2012 (21)

I was no better than Christine’s face although I was hiding behind my little camera.

Holi Festival 2012 (14)

Holi Festival has to be the most colourful (and messy) event in Malaysia.

Holi Festival 2012 (58)

We enjoyed the event and have lots of fun with the powders and water.

Holi Festival 2012 (15)

There were a few photographers just came back from the Holi Festival in India. I guess it would be nice to visit the larger celebration in India. Meanwhile, let’s have the Malaysian version of the festival of colours.


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