Holi Festival 2012 (Part 5)

At the Holi Festival, there is no difference between beautiful or ugly, because we all looked ‘cool’ (another way to describe ‘funny’).

Holi Festival 2012 (22)


The important thing at Holi Festival was to have fun.

Holi Festival 2012 (7)

For family members, it could be a great bonding event.

Holi Festival 2012 (47)

Although it was high noon, every visitors were having awesome time.

Holi Festival 2012 (57)

I am grateful that Shree Lakshmi Narayan Temple organizing the event for the past 15(?) years.

Holi Festival 2012 (5)

The event even offered visitor free lunch and refreshments, how thoughtful.

Holi Festival 2012 (53)

With the popularity of social media and Internet, I believe this event will becoming a more popular annual event in Malaysia.

Holi Festival 2012 (49)

I visited Thaipusam and saw more foreign tourists who like Malaysian festival. Very often, Malaysians prefer to sit back and watch the festival on TV inside the air conditioning room.

Holi Festival 2012 (41)

It is time that we really go out (at least once in a while), and to experience more life has to offer.

Holi Festival 2012 (6)

Big thank you to Shree Lakshmi Narayan Temple to let us participate in this colourful event. It added more colours to my life today.

Holi Festival 2012 (56)

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