Holi Festival 2012 (Part 1)

“Happy Holi” to those who get themselves blessed in the fun festival of colour at Shree Lakshmi Narayan Temple (Kuala Lumpur) just now.

Holi Festival 2012 (20)

This was our first visit to the local Holi Festival. It was AWESOME!!!!!

Holi Festival 2012 (61)

Christine and I rushed from morning appointment and manage to reach by 12 noon. Everyone looked ‘clean’ so we know we have not missed the event.

Holi Festival 2012 (2)

We still have time to purchase some ammunitions (‘coloured powders’) and water gun.

Holi Festival 2012 (44)

Later on we found that the water gun was a little bit too small compare to the bucket and hose.

Holi Festival 2012 (38)

The festival has been held on 8 March. Today’s event was organized by SDS Youth to let the youth having fun.

Holi Festival 2012 (1)

I am very glad to see all ages participated on the Festival of Colours without barrier. One visitor even brought the ‘holi dog’ to join the festival.

Holi Festival 2012 (19)

The event started on 1pm sharp and more visitors streaming in the afternoon.

Holi Festival 2012 (33)

If you like to take pictures, the best is to use a wide angle lens and get close to the crowd. It was fun to experience the happenings on the ground. Let yourself be smeared by coloured powder and gotten wet.

Holi Festival 2012 (35)

Luckily my camera was weather sealed so I don’t have to use shrink wrap or plastic bag to cover the camera. That was important to allow to me to have fun.

Holi Festival 2012 (31)

I could rinse the colour off my camera but I couldn’t get rid of the colour on my face. I suspect someone brought own ‘oil painting colour’ (not purchasing the water soluble powder sold at the temple). My forehead is now red and green in colour.

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