National Craft Day 2012–Saturated Colours

Are you ready for the National Craft Day (Hari Kraf Kebangsaan) 2012?

National Craft Day 2012 (9)

Are you ready to be overwhelmed by the colourful and sophisticated Malaysian crafts?

National Craft Day 2012 (11)

Read further for the largest annual craft events in Malaysia.

Hari Kraf Kebangsaan (National Craft Day) 2012 is held at Komplek Kraf Kuala Lumpur (Jalan Conlay) from 21 March to 2 April 2012.

National Craft Day 2012 (21)

You can spend few hours to visit the 500 booths that come from all over Malaysia. The beads decorated shoes was from Melaka. Majority of the goods are textiles.

National Craft Day 2012 (28)

There are easily 200-300 booths selling batik and songket.

National Craft Day 2012 (27)

You can find colour boutiques from Borneo (Sabah & Sarawak) too.

National Craft Day 2012 (31)

Tent B showcases ceramics, metal-based art works and many creative handiworks. I saw one booth selling decorative arts made out of Oil Palm seeds.

National Craft Day 2012 (1)

Colours and textures were attacking all my senses.

National Craft Day 2012 (18)

My favourite has to be Tent A’s forest-based product. Made out of woods and rattans.

National Craft Day 2012 (17)

I have been to every state in Malaysia but now products come from all states are gathered in one hall.

National Craft Day 2012 (24)

The vibrant colours almost freeze my heart beat.

National Craft Day 2012 (20)

If you love handiworks and natural products. National Craft Day is a heaven.

National Craft Day 2012 (16)

If you like to snap pictures, National Craft Day is a heaven too. Most souvenir shops prohibits photography, but the merchants permits their goods to be photographed (still nice to ask for permission before taking pictures).

National Craft Day 2012 (26)

One interesting note is that you can see “No Photography" sign in all sign-board for this event.

The ‘colour attacks’ were not limited to handiworks. The foods from Peninsular Malaysia East Coast are famous for its authentic tastes and vibrant colours.

National Craft Day 2012 (23)

Pulut Dakap is pink in colour, and served with the green Lompat Tikam. We arrived early (8:30am) to watch the cook (from Kelantan) stirring the liquid Lompat Tikam to solid state.

National Craft Day 2012 (5)

Other tasty foods include Nasi Kerabu (very nice), Kuih Akok (don’t miss the baking of Akok, burning coconut on top of the copperware), and fire cooking Lemang.

Even the cook wares are part of the exhibition.

National Craft Day 2012 (29)

All copyrights of the artworks belong to the original artists and designers. Well done and big hands for the talented Malaysians.

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