National Craft Day–Artisans

Malaysian Handicraft Development Corporation is the organization in Malaysia (an agency under The Ministry of Information Communication and Culture) that promotes the Malaysian crafts.

National Craft Day 2012 (3)

It is important to keep our local culture alive by creating awareness and support.

National Craft Day 2012 (32)


When was the last time you play ‘gasing’ or ‘layang-layang’?

National Craft Day 2012 (14)

There are few booths promoting the east coast giant ‘gasing’, spinning-top game that is fun.

National Craft Day 2012 (15)

Many artisans from all over Malaysia has been invited to this 2-week craft festival.

National Craft Day 2012 (2)

There are many artisans stationed at the complex (Kompleks Kraf Kuala Lumpur) where visitors can participate in artworks.

National Craft Day 2012 (7)

If you like artworks and handicrafts, the National Craft Day 2012 is a not to be missed event (free admission).

National Craft Day 2012 (19)

From wood works to metal works, you can meet and interact with the artisans.

National Craft Day 2012 (33)

It was rewarding for us to spend few hours and immersed ourselves in the creative atmosphere.

National Craft Day 2012 (12)

Part of the reason was for the authentic local food (cooks come from different states in Malaysia).

National Craft Day 2012 (6)

While you are visiting the temporary tents, do visit the incumbent artisans in the huts too.

National Craft Day 2012 (10)

There are no shortage of creative artists stationed at the craft complex.

National Craft Day 2012 (8)

There were few artists of Chinese, Indians and other races.

National Craft Day 2012 (25)

You can find the making of lion head (for lion dance) at the exhibition.

National Craft Day 2012 (22)

There are 500 participating craft merchants and artisans. Too many to showcase all of them.

National Craft Day 2012 (30)

Do pick up a brochure (with map and schedule) to take note of various cultural performances and craft competitions to be held from 21 March to 2 April 2012. If you are travel by car, please take note of the limited parking. Organizer had arrange ample parking lots and arrange shuttle services for the visitors. My advise is always to reach the venue before it opens, you will always enjoy more with less stress.

A big compliment to the organizer for keeping Malaysian’s craft alive and passing on to the next generation.

National Craft Day 2012 (4)


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