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The real lost world of Tambun

There is a theme park titled “The Lost World of Tambun Water Theme Park”. I visited one site that should deserve the name the lost world of Tambun.

Gua Tambun Prehistoric Paintings (2)

The crayon liked painting above was neolithic art, that was believed to be 5,000 years old. The fossil found on the hill proven be Paleolithic era (10,000 to 1 million years old). Where is this place? It was less than few hundred meters from North South Highway, and about 5-10 minutes drive from Jaya Jusco Shopping Mall, unbelievable.



Direction to Gua Tambun Rock Paintings

This is a photo tour of the path leading to Gunung Panjang.

Gua Tambun Rock Paintings (1)

If you are interesting to find out how to go to the prehistoric rock painting from the Neolithic era, I have included few images to help you to plan for the short trip.

Gua Tambun Rock Paintings (2)


Smoke and Water

Fashion show often ended with fireworks, but this show down ended with lots of water and tear gas.

Bersih 3 turned violent (1)

I have to say the fault was the yellow/green shirt fellows who did not follow the rules. The original plan was just to sit and to get the message out. Some uneasy guys couldn’t sit still and started to remove the barriers and entered into the forbidden zone.

Bersih 3 turned violent (2)


Blue and Black

In my last post, I mentioned that I saw lots of fashionable fellows wearing yellow and green shirts. The opponent colours were our respected civilian guardian, in blue and black uniforms.

Bersih 3 the guards (3)

They looked more ‘powerful’ armed with the accessories.

Bersih 3 the guards (2)


Yellow and Green

It was fun seeing many creative decorations, all done with green and yellow colours. Many people are crazy about this ‘seasonal fashion’ in town. News reported that the manufacturers made a rain fall of fortune printing the colour shirts.

Bersih (7)


We Want Change

It was written on the supporter’s face. “We want change!”.

Bersih 3.0 we want change (6)

We don’t have to agree with everyone’s opinion. As a democratic society, we should listen and let’s everyone voice out their opinion.

Bersih 3.0 we want change (17)


Messages from the People

Tens of thousands of people voiced out 2 loud messages today at Kuala Lumpur.

Stop Lynas and Bersih 3 (2)

(1) People demand a clean election

Stop Lynas and Bersih 3 (4)

(2) People do not want radioactive waste for our future generation.

Stop Lynas and Bersih 3 (7)