Rantau Abang and the coastal road

We took the coastal road back to Kuala Lumpur from East Coast (just now). The sky was gloomy and raining. Yesterday was slightly better with a bit of blue sky when we started the journey from Penarik.



We preferred the slow drive along the scenic coastal road from Kota Bharu to Kuantan. Besides the beautiful South China Sea, there are also plenty of stalls selling tasty snacks such as Satar, Keropok Lekor etc.

One could stop by any beach front and have a nap. (note: this pillow wasn’t mine). We just stopped over and had the Keropok and grilled Satar.

Pulau Kapas View

My favourite stop over used to be Marang when it was one of the most beautiful fishing villages on the east coast. It has lost its splendour after heavy development. Now I preferred to stop at Rantau Abang near the big rock.

Rantau Abang (1)

Before reaching Rantau Abang, you could see many mangrove trees and trees submerged in small pools.

Rantau Abang (2)

Rantau Abang used to be famous for the turtles laying eggs along the shoreline. There is a turtle information center which closes most of the time. It was opened today, but there is no water in any of the aquarium. There was no fish or turtle. The number of visiting turtles have been declining. The best place to see turtle in captivity is the Turtle Sanctuary at Cherating.

Rantau Abang (3)

It was sad to see that one of the world largest Leatherback turtle hatching site has been disappearing.

Rantau Abang (5)

It was raining today so the sky was greyish and pale. We stopped over to stretch our muscles after a long drive. The water are clearer at the Terengganu beaches as compared to the Kelantanese shores.

At Rantau Abang, I was attracted to the layers of the rock formation (or perhaps it was attracting the turtles 30 years ago?)

Rantau Abang (6)

The negative impact of human’s activities to our environment is visible on the climate change, and also the animal’s behaviours and presences. Let’s do our part to keep a sustainable planets for all species (if that is possible at all).

Rantau Abang (4)

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