Sunrise @ Pulau Duyung

I love the sunrise at Pulau Duyung. We woke up this morning at Ri-Yaz Heritage Resort, and took a few snapshots before heading for our breakfast.

Pulau Duyung (1)

This resort has roomy suite, and it is a recommended hotel to stay if you are visiting Kuala Terengganu. Do watch out for the discounted rate on their website. I won’t stay at normal rate (over priced). I just love the room and the sunrise at Ri-Yaz.

Pulau Duyung (2)

Pulau Duyung is world renown for its handmade yacht. The skilful master can make a boat without any engineering blueprint.

Pulau Duyung (3)

Pulau Duyung  is a small village but worth a short visit. If you stay at Ri-Yaz, you can take a water taxi to the wet market (and old town) across the river. Another place of interest is Kota Lama. We made a short drive and could see the Crystal Mosque from Pulau Duyung.

Crystal Mosque (2)

I have more pictures of the Crystal Mosque (Masjid Krystal) in the next post.

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