Sorella Lingerie

Special thanks to John Wong and Aarynn Kit for inviting us to the ‘intimate’ event.

Sorella Lingerie (11)

I have no luck today to meet Kate Tsui (Hong Kong actress) in lingerie, but it was still lucky enough to meet the talented girls (posted at the back stage before we departed early).

Sorella Lingerie (12)

Sorella Lingerie (3)

I thought this was a Sorella’s event but was greeted with the big red back drop with Terimee slimming and wordings. Feel like Chinese new year annual dinner.

Sorella Lingerie (10)

Since there is limited space for photographers to take snapshots, so you have to bear with me on the limited angles or point of views.

Sorella Lingerie (2)

The red stage was lit with yellow spot lights from both sides, so no need to use flash. The spot light was so strong that it could bounce light off the forehead of the model.

Sorella Lingerie (5)

I was given green light (by my wife and the organizer) to  focus on the product that Sorella is promoting.

Sorella Lingerie (9)

The models were professional and doing their best to showcase the product.

Sorella Lingerie (8)

Since this is an open space public event (in Malaysia), the lingerie can only be partially revealed. So we have to work harder to focus on the right layer. Smile

Sorella Lingerie (6)

Sorella Lingerie (1)

Sorella Lingerie (7)

I normally point-and-shoot travel outing, this type of indoor event has different kind of fun (at least can exercise the eyes). Grateful to be invited to join the fun.

Sorella Lingerie (4)

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