Terimee Academy Make Up

We were at Berjaya Times Square (Kuala Lumpur) for Sorella showcase. The event was co-host with Terimee. Guests were greeted by models with bold costume and beautiful make-up.

Terimee Make Up (1)

It must have taken the make-up artists and models lots of effort to prepare for the elaborate showcase.

Terimee Make Up (4)

The models were very cooperative with any guests or photographers asking for pictures to be taken.

Terimee Make Up (2)

I noticed at one point in time the hot spotlights were shooting straight at them, and that could be very uncomfortable. Yet, they managed to put up great smile elegantly.

Terimee Make Up (3)

Paying a bit of attention to their costume made one appreciate the amount of attention to details Terimee has put into the costume, styling and make-up.

Terimee Make Up (5)

Hope to see more great showcase like this in Malaysia.

Terimee Make Up (6)

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