Terimee Slimming

Part of the events co-host by Terimiee and Sorella was the slimming competition. The contestants were ordinary folks and some models. The contestants have to loose more than 10KG within 2 months.

Terimee Slimming (6)

The handsome guy above is Mr Sahrol Zaman, who had lost 28.4KG and managed to keep the shape years after the trimming.

Terimee Slimming (2)

Some are new models engaging Terimee’s services.

Terimee Slimming (1)

Make-up artist was dressing up the contestant.

Terimee Slimming (7)

It was hard to believe few contestants were mother of 1-2 children.

Terimee Slimming (5)

One immediate benefit of slimming to a healthier self is gaining self confidence.

Terimee Slimming (4)

I didn’t expect to attend a slimming competition this afternoon. After seeing the great result, it is time for me to go the gym.

Terimee Slimming (3)

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