Songkran Festival 2012

It is a 3-day New Year celebration for Thailand and few other countries in South East Asia.

Songkran 2012 (17)

Most foreign visitors remember this festival by the ritual of throwing water.

Songkran 2012 (3)

Another common practice is to smear chalk (or baby powder) on the cheeks to represent the blessings (the Buddhist monks use to bless devotees with chalk).

Songkran 2012 (10)

We visited the Thai Buddhist Chetawan Temple at Petaling Jaya just now. Devotees started their visit to the temple and bath the Buddha statue.

Songkran 2012 (4)

After that they will arm themselves with ‘water weapons’. You can use home made water gun, plastic bottle or plastic bag, or anything to hold the water and throw at anyone else.

Songkran 2012 (20)

No one will get angry at you throwing water at them or smear their cheeks with powder. It is a form of blessing. The water supposes to cleanse away any bad luck and start the New Year with better fortune.

Songkran 2012 (8)

All adults enjoyed the festival and joined the ‘child play party’.

Songkran 2012 (13)

Songkran is a major celebration in South East Asia, especially for the Thai community.

Songkran 2012 (5)

Many Malaysian families also join the fun festival.

Songkran 2012 (6)

Spirits were high. A huge crowd was celebrating with the company of live concern music and beeeeeeeer. (correct spelling after I am drunk).

Songkran 2012 (11)

with the encouragement of music and water gun on hands, let’s the battle/blessing begins (see the next post).

Songkran 2012 (9)

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