Water Blessing or Battle on Songkran Festival

Be prepare to get soaking wet.

Songkran 2012 (15)

Many tourists purposely visiting Thailand during this time to get wet.

Songkran 2012 (7)

We did not go to Thailand this month, so we joined the Songkran Festival right at the Malaysia door step at Petaling Jaya.

Songkran 2012 (14)

Many Malaysians joining the Thai community for a fun filled day at the Thai Buddhist Chetawan Temple.

Songkran 2012 (12)

There were more adults playing with water guns than the children. What a way to spend a family day by celebrating the Songkran Festival.

Songkran 2012 (18)

Pick up trucks were driving into the temple filled with water tanks to fuel the battle.

Songkran 2012 (2)

Who ever has the biggest bucket will have an upper hand.

Songkran 2012 (1)

Let me warn you that these were not ordinary water. These were chilled water with ice. It sent chilling feeling down your spine when a bucket of ice cold water landed on you head down. So you need full concentration to arm and to defend yourself. Smile

Songkran 2012 (21)

Some kids could have acquired childhood trauma about ICE COLD WATER from the battle.

Songkran 2012 (19)

This is not a charity car wash but passing by cars being ‘attacked’ by kids with menacing water guns.

Songkran 2012 (22)

Some kids learned the trick to take shelter and be a sniper.

Songkran 2012 (16)

What an incredible and awesome day to wash my cloth and camera (while wearing them).

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