Publika Fiesta 2012

Publika is a small community complex at upper market Dutamas area.

Publika Fiesta 2012 (10)

The shopping mall organized a fun-fair fiesta this weekend for the families and kids.

Publika Fiesta 2012 (4)

Many local community dropped by and joined the fun filled event.

Publika Fiesta 2012 (3)

Many visitors were expatriates who live in Kiara and Dutamas community. So the developer has upper market theme for Publika. It is the first shopping mall in Malaysia that fused with arts and shopping experience.

Publika Fiesta 2012 (9)

Every turn and corner was filled with art deco. This colorful wall paper was next to the ATM banking machine.

Publika Fiesta 2012 (7)

Many art pieces were made from recycled materials.

Publika Fiesta 2012 (8)

On the early hours (9am-11am), parents can rent bicycles for free, and let the children roamed in the safety compound of the shopping mall.

Publika Fiesta 2012 (2)

Pop corns and sugar cottons were freely distributed during the fiesta. There were also performances at different hours.

Publika Fiesta 2012 (5)

Capoeira workshop was one of the very interesting event. Capoeira is a form of martial arts performed in a gymnastic or dance liked movements. Very acrobatic and excellent for kids.

Publika Fiesta 2012 (1)

Publika could be new shopping experience for art lovers. Do visit the “Art Row” where few shops were dedicated for handicrafts and arts.

Publika Fiesta 2012 (6)

For us, we were the foods explorers. Yamagoya Ramen (山小屋) just opened at Publika, so we won’t miss the chance the taste the legendary Mukashi special ramen (猪骨拉面). The soup remains a secret recipe, which was air freight from Japan HQ to maintain the ‘quality’. One serving is RM24 (USD8).

Yamagoya Ramen (3)

The pork bone broth was excellent. I am not a big fan of fatty meat, so the Pork Cha Siu was ‘ok’ to me. The egg (味玉 – 溏心蛋) was very nice. It melt in your mouth. Gyoza was above average (RM11).

Yamagoya Ramen (1)

Be prepare to wait for long time during lunch hour. Yamagoya Ramen (2)

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