Blue and Black

In my last post, I mentioned that I saw lots of fashionable fellows wearing yellow and green shirts. The opponent colours were our respected civilian guardian, in blue and black uniforms.

Bersih 3 the guards (3)

They looked more ‘powerful’ armed with the accessories.

Bersih 3 the guards (2)

The more lethal the accessories, the more ‘gaya’. Beaten the t-shirt fellows hands down.

Bersih 3 the guards (8)

Some have guns and shield, backup by the water cannon tanks. This tourist decided to have a closer look with his Fujiflm camera. I watched the RTM news just now saying that the rally brought lots of inconvenience to the tourists, but we saw quite a lot of tourists visiting the famous Dataran Merdeka today.

Bersih 3 the guards (5)

It also attracted lots of photographers who apparently fearless of guns (they thought their zoom lenses are ‘powerful’ too). Smile

Bersih 3 the guards (6)

I think the cameras were not as powerful as the tear gas cannons and cannisters.

Bersih 3 the guards (11)

The tear gas mask looked kind of cool.

Bersih 3 the guards (9)

No wonder this foreign reporter also brought one along. I want one of this cool gadget too, could be used in the next upgraded Bersih 4.0 (if there is any?).

DBKL also sent lots of helpers with their reflective fashion. Eye catching under the sun.

Bersih 3 the guards (12)

Personally, I think dark blue is a good uniform colour. See, so many iphones and cameras taking the snapshots.

Bersih 3 the guards (7)

When we were taking the snapshots of the street display, the enforcers also taking their own records. It was a wonderful day to see so many colours, but definitely one side was winning on the accessories. Those ‘cheap and poor’ yellow/green shirt fellows only have flowers and paper posters on hand.

Bersih 3 the guards (4)

If this is a fashion show, who you think will win? See the next post.

P/S: my apology, I missed out the maroon shirt. They were looked great too, but pity them have to stand under the hot sun, it was hot.


One response

  1. Khor Lord

    i would like to have that mask for Bersih 4.0!! (if there is…) hahaa…

    April 29, 2012 at 9:39 pm

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