Smoke and Water

Fashion show often ended with fireworks, but this show down ended with lots of water and tear gas.

Bersih 3 turned violent (1)

I have to say the fault was the yellow/green shirt fellows who did not follow the rules. The original plan was just to sit and to get the message out. Some uneasy guys couldn’t sit still and started to remove the barriers and entered into the forbidden zone.

Bersih 3 turned violent (2)

During the chaotic moments, those razor sharp barded wires would cut through flesh. We heard that some sliced piece of flesh off the leg. What to imagine that for a while ….

Bersih 3 turned violent (3)

So they given a reason for the authority to start shooting water canon and tear gas.

Bersih 3 turned violent (4)

It started a dangerous stampede. We were pushed to a dead end water wall, facing right on with the tear gas. It was no fun as many people get hurt and crushed. I have to protect Christine from being push over to the pool. It was just chaotic. I was wet all the way.

This was my first time experience the tear gas in close proximity. As you can see, there was not many people behind us, we were the last few who gotten away.

Bersih 3 turned violent (7)

You could see the water on my lens. At this moment, we could hardly open our eyes. The tear gas caused us to vomit and to have irritation on skins, eyes and throats. Luckily someone offered salt to us to ease the awful feeling.

If you thought the road was clear, then you were wrong. It was simply because we were behind, and the crowd in front of us totally filled up all the lanes. People were scrambling looking for shelter.

Bersih 3 turned violent (5)

And you know what. The authority closed the Light Rail Station (LRT) and let all the crowd suffered amidst the tear gas and water guns. The anxious crowd knocked and bent the roller shutter. Many were cursing at the guards.

Bersih 3 turned violent (6)

Tear gas kept coming and the crowds were stuck in the dead locked lanes. Police blocked all the exits and demanded photographers to surrender their memory cards.

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