Yellow and Green

It was fun seeing many creative decorations, all done with green and yellow colours. Many people are crazy about this ‘seasonal fashion’ in town. News reported that the manufacturers made a rain fall of fortune printing the colour shirts.

Bersih (7)

Instead of wearing Brazilian football team jersey, I saw one of the t-shirt printing green on one side, and yellow on another, very creative.

Bersih (3)

The colour shirts attracted overseas reporter to capture the rare scene.

Bersih (4)

The locals tried their best effort to get a good glimpse.

Bersih (6)

Big crowd drawn to the Merdeka Square to join the ‘colour shirts party’.

Bersih (1)

Since most of the roads were closed, many decided to relax and picnic on the road. You can’t do that on a normal day in the city.

Bersih (5)

The blue and black shirts seemed not too happy with the rival colours.

Bersih (2)

See the next post about what these 2 groups of coloured shirts folk ended up.

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