Direction to Gua Tambun Rock Paintings

This is a photo tour of the path leading to Gunung Panjang.

Gua Tambun Rock Paintings (1)

If you are interesting to find out how to go to the prehistoric rock painting from the Neolithic era, I have included few images to help you to plan for the short trip.

Gua Tambun Rock Paintings (2)

(1) Getting there

a) use a GPS map, looking for “2 Selasar Taman Tambun, Taman Tambun, 31400 Ipoh, Perak” or GPS coordinate 4.60669,101.129193.

b) if you are coming from Jaya Jusco shopping mall, turn to the left under the fly over. Pantai Hospital is on your left, and towards Tambun direction. You may follow the “The lost world of Tambun” tourist sign (but we are going to the real lost world, not the theme park). Caltex petrol station is on your left before approaching the North South Highway. Gunung Panjang is on your right hand side.

c) if you are coming from KL on the North South Highway, exit at Tambun (Ipoh). You can see the “The lost world of Tambun” sign too. Immediate from the exist you will see a Caltex petrol station in front of you. Make a left turn, and then immediately taking a right turn at the traffic underneath the highway.

From the traffic light, vehicle can enter into the residential area behind the Caltex petrol station. If you see a guard house, turn to the right. The row of single storey linked house is Jalan Selasar Taman Tambun. This is a small oval shape residential area.

Gua Tambun Rock Paintings (3)

You can find an Indian temple near the big tree. If you need any emergency help, this is a good place to seek assistance.

Gua Tambun Rock Paintings (4)

The entrance to the hill is outside of this temple, and look for this public toilet right next to the gate of the temple.

Gua Tambun Rock Paintings (5)

Walk pass the toilet and you can see a ‘well hidden’ sign to the Gua Tambun.

Gua Tambun Rock Paintings (6)

This could be one of your treasure hunt spot. What was the authority thinking or doing to promote tourism?

Gua Tambun Rock Paintings (7)

It immediately open up to the horse training field.

Gua Tambun Rock Paintings (8)

Following the trail on left. You should be able to reach the site in 5 minutes walk.

Gua Tambun Rock Paintings (9)

When you see the sign board, you will have to cross over the drain.

Gua Tambun Rock Paintings (10)

You may be greeted or blocked by horses along the way. It is a good idea not to provoke the animals although they are tamed.

Gua Tambun Rock Paintings (11)

I was alone and 1 against 4 strong horses. I couldn’t speak the horse language, so I step side way. After a short while, the horse also step aside and let me pass through. They were really smart and beautiful.

Gua Tambun Rock Paintings (12)

Just watch your step for the ‘poo’.

Gua Tambun Rock Paintings (13)

It is advisable to wear proper foot wares and not sandals. What I was wearing was a bad example.

Gua Tambun Rock Paintings (14)

This is the track on a good day. It gets very muddy on the raining season.

Gua Tambun Rock Paintings (15)

Certain part of the path was muddy wet during my visit (and there was no rain the day before). Try not to stand and stay for over 10 seconds, and the leeches will start crawling on you. There was a leech making its way up my thigh when I took this picture. Another type of blood sucker is the mosquito, plenty of mosquitoes.

Gua Tambun Rock Paintings (16)

One can reach the entrance from the residential area within 10-15 minutes walk, and up the 120+ steps into the dense vegetation.

Gua Tambun Rock Paintings (17)

I met a local at the temple when I parked my car. He offered help in case I was bitten by any snake or animals. I could see why I should worry about snake. So having a stick on hand could be handy.

Gua Tambun Rock Paintings (18)

In no time, you will be greeted by one of the best keep secrets by Tourism Malaysia – the real lost world of Tambun. Can you see the paintings on the rock surface?

Gua Tambun Rock Paintings (19)

Let me zoom into one of the cat fish that looked like Duyong.

Gua Tambun Rock Paintings (20)

Those paintings 20-30 feet above ground could be genuine, but those alphabetic and modern paintings at ground level were merely vandalism. More images in this post.

Hope you enjoy visiting the site. The site is very accessible as compare to time before the staircase was constructed, visitors truly have to climb up.

Do follow general rule of thumb, leave nothing but footsteps, kill nothing but time and take nothing but photographs.

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