The real lost world of Tambun

There is a theme park titled “The Lost World of Tambun Water Theme Park”. I visited one site that should deserve the name the lost world of Tambun.

Gua Tambun Prehistoric Paintings (2)

The crayon liked painting above was neolithic art, that was believed to be 5,000 years old. The fossil found on the hill proven be Paleolithic era (10,000 to 1 million years old). Where is this place? It was less than few hundred meters from North South Highway, and about 5-10 minutes drive from Jaya Jusco Shopping Mall, unbelievable.

I have been longing to visit this site for sometimes. After dropping of Christine to the shopping mall, I went alone (because it requires a bit of hiking). I will write another post about how to get to this place and what to watch out for.

Gua Tambun Prehistoric Paintings (4)

I was alone at the hill site (so you could imagine how little tourists know its existence). Totally unbelievable sight of the precious relics but very little conversation effort by the authority.

Gua Tambun Prehistoric Paintings (1)

The site was discovered by British in 1959 (why it always need foreigners to discover historical siites?), but no proper study was done until 2009 by Universiti Sains Malaysia’s archaeology student. The study indicated over 500 paintings at this site.

Gua Tambun Prehistoric Paintings (6)

The picture above was about the size of 15 x 15 feet. Can you count how many drawings were on the rock surface? Some said on this wall surface alone have about 50 paintings.

Gua Tambun Prehistoric Paintings (3)

The pre historic people use the iron oxide as red paint, and drawn many very interesting animal figures found in Malaysia. I can see tapir (picture above), cat fish, deer or cow and some that were too fainted to make sense of the original appearance. The painting below should be fake. Many vandalism and graffiti drawings were made by irresponsible visitors.

Gua Tambun Prehistoric Paintings (5)

Due to the wide spread of Internet, more people get to know this place. I am doing my part and truly urge our authority to put more effort in conserving these precious relics. To my opinion, these drawings should be treated with higher level of attention. The site was in such as sad state that I used the word ‘miserable’ to describe it.

If you plan to visit Ipoh, I would put this site as the top 3 of the MUST SEE list.

5 thoughts on “The real lost world of Tambun

  1. really, I thought this kind of drawing are found in exotic places like africa and france only. The very first photo is kind of funny. The private part looks weird..:)

    I hope i can pay a visit one day

    • Hi Joe,
      I agreed with you on the drawing. There was another giant cat fish that looked like Duyong.
      If you are visiting Ipoh, this is possibly one of the best kept secret or hidden gem. The painting will not last long if the authority not making some conservation effort. Hope you enjoy the visit (try not to visit alone).
      Cheers, Tennyson

  2. John P says:

    Visited this place at 20/4/2017. Quite a hike to get up the 100 plus steps. Still everything in a deplorable state. Seems Malaysians not proud of this unique site.

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