“Compassion” was the my impression for Wesak 2012.

Wesak 2012 (8)

Devotees gave donations or other forms of giving (like blood/organ donation).

Wesak 2012 (3)

Some sought blessings through prayers.

Wesak 2012 (16)

Some attended the meditation session at the local temples or societies.

Wesak 2012 (7)

Happiness could be achieved at 4 broad levels. Most of us seek material or experience-based PLEASURE.

Wesak 2012 (15)

Second level of happiness would be PASSION. Do what you love and you won’t feel like working.

Wesak 2012 (4)

The third level of happiness (could be painful too) is having PURPOSE in life.

Wesak 2012 (5)

Life mission is like the beacon of light leading us through hardship, but knowing the works bring us a sense of accomplishment end of the day.

Wesak 2012 (14)

The ultimate level of happiness is having PEACE of mind.

Wesak 2012 (2)

May everyone have compassion for yourself and others, and peace would prevail.

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