Reflections on Wesak 2012

Today is the day for Buddhist to follow the teachings of Lord Buddha.

Wesak Day 2012 (4)

Giving is receiving.

Wesak Day 2012 (6)

Take a moment to meditate. It is a great way to  quite our mind and cleanse our soul,

Wesak Day 2012 (7)

and we shall be able to listen to the inner voice within. One will be happier when our actions are aligned with our heart.

Wesak Day 2012 (1)

We shall practice the middle way. Extremism always leads to more pains. Praying with 1 joystick and 100 are the same, it is just a symbolic representation of respect and tribute.

Wesak Day 2012 (3)

Wishing all the people take a moment to reflect on live. Living the present moment.

Wesak Day 2012 (5)

The images above were taken at the Thai Buddhist Chetawan Temple (Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia) just now.

Wesak Day 2012 (2)

May you have a pleasant and happy Wesak Day.

3 thoughts on “Reflections on Wesak 2012

  1. eloquenceacademy says:

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL pictures. You’ve managed to capture the solemn moods of prayer contrasted by the festive background lightings. Really great photos.

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