Wesak Procession 2012

The procession vehicles and devotees were gathered at the Buddhist Maha Vihara Temple, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur.

Wesak  Procession 2012 (2)

Tens of thousand of devotees believed visiting the temple these few days.

Wesak  Procession 2012 (1)

Last year we waited at Kuala Lumpur city center, and the procession was late for more than an hour.

Wesak  Procession 2012 (6)

So this year I visited the starting point of the procession.

Wesak  Procession 2012 (7)

It was much easier to get close to the ‘flower vehicles’ when they are stationary.

Wesak  Procession 2012 (3)

More than 10+ Buddhist societies from the region were joining this largest Wesak procession in Kuala Lumpur.

Wesak  Procession 2012 (5)

Dusk was approaching and the parade started sharp on 7:30pm. The following image was taken with Dramatic Art filter to capture the twilight.

Wesak  Procession 2012 (4)

Wishing peace on earth with the blessing of these cute young monks.

2 thoughts on “Wesak Procession 2012

  1. yiliang says:

    Hi, KS, you snapped photos with good sense and good quality. 🙂 keep up your good spirit. I enjoy watching it so much. YL.

    • Yi Liang, thanks for your encouragement and kind comments. I love your articles too, they are awesome. Let’s us happy shooting and capture more precious moments. Cheers. KS.

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