Cityscape view from Hanzomon

It was quite a enjoyable experience staying at the Grand Arc Hanzomon Hotel.

Grand Arc Hanzomon Hotel

We stayed in this reasonably price as our base for our exploration of the city. The room is small (hey, this is Tokyo) but clean. You can check out Tripadvisor or other travel website for the visitors’ comments.

The hotel has an arc shape, so some rooms have a good view of the Palace garden. We arrived after mid night (do plan your trip from airport to the hotel, else the taxi fare may ruin your trip), and this was the first few on the day break few hours later.

Tokyo Cityscape at Hanzomon (2)

On a rainy day, fog formed a different view across the cityscape.

Tokyo Cityscape at Hanzomon (4)

We could see the Tokyo Tower on the distance horizon.

Tokyo Cityscape at Hanzomon (3)

The hotel is 2 minutes walk from Hanzomon Station (gate 1). Getting a PASMO prepaid card allowed us to explore the city using the metro and JR at ease.

Tokyo Cityscape at Hanzomon (1)

Another bonus point is the morning walk or jog around the palace. The night view was alright but there are better viewpoints from other famous tall buildings in Tokyo.

Tokyo Cityscape at Hanzomon (5)

The staff at the hotel was helpful and nice. It has been a pleasant stay at Grand Arc Hanzomon Hotel.


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