Kawagoe (the Little Edo) 小江戸时代的川越古镇

It was a good decision to make a day trip to a small town called Kawagoe.

Kawagoe (4)

It was also known as Little Edo due to the charming old buildings from the Edo era.


Kawagoe (10)

We took the Seibu Shinjuku train from Tokyo. It took 60 minutes (the express train takes about 45 minutes, 480 Yen one way for adult train ticket).

Kawagoe (2)

It was an amazing old castle town that is so near to Tokyo.

Kawagoe (3)

Try to avoid Monday when most of the museums are closed. The best day to visit is on the 18th of every month (valid as of May 2012 because I saw a poster) because the local community will dress in traditional costume to promote tourism to the town.

Kawagoe (9)

I woke up on 4am and saw the weather was great (sunrise around 3am+), so we decided to make a day trip to Kawagoe from Seibu-Shinjuku station.

Kawagoe (12)

It was on Monday and it was not 18th of the month, but we were glad that we visited Kawagoe.

每个月18日 (避免星期一)是最佳到访的时机

Kawagoe (11)

The famous landmarks include the Bell of Time. A 16m tall wooden bell tower erected around 1644 but later burned down by fire. The tower was re-erected on 1894, and remain as the highest structure amidst the rows of old Edo houses.


Kawagoe (8)

Another beautiful landmark is the Kita-In Temple with 500 Buddha statues.


Kawagoe (5)

The best experience was strolling from the Taisho-roman Street to the Confectionary Street. It was like back to the future and back to the Edo era.


Kawagoe (7)

There were so many snacks, especially the famous sweet potato was excellent.

Kawagoe (6)

If you have time, you can consider staying overnight in this lovely Edo town.

Kawagoe (1)

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