Mt. Fuji & the Five Lakes 富士山与五湖一日游

We tried our luck to make a day trip to Mount Fuji and the nearby five lakes.


Mt Fuji 2

It depends on the weather and climate change if one could get a clear view of one of the most iconic mountain in the world.


We took the ropeway (cable car) ride up to Mt. Kachi-Kachi.


The not-so-tall hill provides a good view of Lake Kawaguchiko.


Lake Kawaguchiko

We took a short hike through Tenjo-Yama Park to the small shrine on top of the hill.


Tenjo-Yama Park

We waited for an hour but there was always small patches of cloud lingering on the summit of Mt. Fuji. So we couldn’t get the postcard shot.


Mt Fuji

I guess I have to come back to Mt. Fuji again for the 3rd time.

View from Mt. Kachi-Kachi

If I do visit again, I will stay overnight at the foothill. This house is a typical Japanese house on the foothill which as a spectacular view of Mt. Fuji from the window.



The highlight of our day trip was the visit to the Narusawa Hyouketsu Ice Cave. The cave is only about 200m deep but the temperature stays constant at 3 degree Celcius. In the olden days, locals use this natural formed ice room as their refrigerator.


Ice Cave

Another interesting visit is to the legendary suicide park (Aokigahara Park). Many Japanese who determined to commit suicide love to end their lives by purposely walked into this forest and did not wish to be found. Many bodies still being discovered by the ranger every year.


Suicide Forest

Along the Shoji-guchi trail, there is a wind cave.


Wind Cave

You can see how thin is the earth crust in this young forest.


Earth Crust

New vegetation started the young forest on top of the rocks formed by lava flow.


Lava Flow

On our last top before heading back to Tokyo, we tried our luck one last time to see Mt. Fuji’s reflection on Lake Motosuko (This was the same spot shown on the 1,000 Yen bill). We have little luck with Mt. Fuji today, it was hidden behind the cloud.

Lake Motosuko



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