Impression of Japanese People 2012

My last visit to Tokyo was 1996. The impression of Japanese remain the same. In general, Japanese people are:

(1) Creative

Japanese (4)

I was really impressed with this little girl. She used a chalk outlined streets on a gentle slope. Her younger sister then slid down the drawn-lane like it was real. Imagination could really do wonders.

(2) kids are cute and chubby

Japanese (9)

Especially when they dressed in school uniform or Kimono.

Japanese (6)

Japanese (5)

(3) Youngsters are funky and love to have fun.

Japanese (3)

Most Japanese especially teenagers like to post with the Victory signs. So I called the the V Generation.

V generation

(4) once they started working in the society, they often look tired.

Japanese (7)

Most of the working class dress up in suits as early as 5am to midnight. Spending lots of time commuting or playing with own smartphone.

Japanese (2)

(5) the society is aging,

Japanese (1)

Many seniors are enjoying their golden years. Japan has better healthcare and facilities as compare to other nations that is facing the aging population challenges.

Japanese (8)

Japanese are also very courteous and law abiding. What I really admire was their attention to details and the quest for excellent. No matter how simple or unsignificant is the task, if that is one’s responsibility, a Japanese will strive to do their best. Excellent work in small tasks leads to the success of larger achievements.

Of course, there could be other negative traits, but why focus on the bad if we want to learn from the good?


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