Preparation for Sanja Matsuri 2012 浅草三社祭之准备篇

Sanja Masturi, one of the 3 largest festivals in Tokyo, Japan.


三社祭 Sanja Matsuri Preparation (8)

Today is the last day of the 3 days celebration at Asakusa Shrine.


三社祭 Sanja Matsuri Preparation (6)


Sanja Matsuri is special this year because the event was cancelled last year due to the March 2011 disaster.

去年的庆祝活动因为辐射事件而被迫停办, 所以今年将会更多人出席。

三社祭 Sanja Matsuri Preparation (1)

2012 is the 700th anniversary, so the organizers estimated more than 2 million people are joining this 3-day festival.


三社祭 Sanja Matsuri Preparation (2)

when we walked around the communities on Friday, we saw many local communities were giving the final touch for their miniature shrine.


三社祭 Sanja Matsuri Preparation (4)

There are big and small floats. The bigger float can weigh over one ton.

三社祭 Sanja Matsuri Preparation (5)

Every float has elaborate and sophisticate decoration.


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