Japanese Costumes @ Sanja Matsuri 浅草三社祭之传统服饰篇

Where else could be a better place to see so many Japanese in their traditional costume than at Sanja Masturi (given that we have limited time on a short visit to Tokyo)?

Japanese Costume (12)

We were lucky to see many beautiful hakama and kimono costumes in Asakusa.

Japanese Costume (4)

The two geisha passed by me before I have a chance to take a better snapshot.

Japanese Costume (5)

Every turn we made, there was bound to be someone in traditional costume.

Japanese Costume (3)

You could see the geta sandal versus the lady wearing modern high heel in the background.

Japanese Costume (7)

Japan is a unique country where it can keep their traditions alive while embracing high tech living.

Japanese Costume (6)

Most Japanese are proud of their traditional costume and loved to have their pictures being taken (not all, but most of them).

Japanese Costume (8)

Three officials were chitchatting in front of Asakusa Shrine.

Japanese Costume (2)

Japanese also loves wearing hat.

Japanese Costume (1)

This weekend was hot and sunny. It was a good day to celebrate Sanja Matsuri with traditional outfit.

Japanese Costume (10)

Many dog owners also liked to dress up their pets in costume.

Japanese Costume (11)

Sanja Matsuri is definitely a place to see and to be seen.

Japanese Costume (13)

Sanja Matsuri was definitely the best highlight of our recently trip to Tokyo. Thank you so much to some of the friendly and polite Japanese who made our trip memorable.

Japanese Costume (9)

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