Asakusa 浅草

Asakusa is definitely on the top 3 most visited attractions in Tokyo by tourists.

Asakusa (8)

The big red lantern was shrunk up during our visit on the Sanja Matsuri to make way for the tall Mikoshi floats to pass through the low ceiling under the gate. Lanterns are one of the memorable items at Asakusa Shrine.

Asakusa (7)

Red is definitely the dominant colour in Japanese shrines.

Asakusa (11)

I like the red which is kind of pleasant red against the blue sky.

Asakusa (4)

Asakusa (6)

The Kanno Hall is the major shrine at the compound.

Asakusa (3)

There were so many things to be seen around the shrine compound and nearby streets.

Asakusa (1)

3 blessing rituals that visitors love to do at Asakusa include:

(1) ‘holy smoke’

Asakusa (2)

(2) purifying water

Asakusa (9)

(3) and the praying inside the Kannon Hall (observe the clapping hands and bowing ritual).

Nearby the shrine is the famous kitchenware street.

Asakusa (5)

You can easily spend the whole day at Asakusa and nearby district. This area is simply a typical tourist area (in a good way).

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