Tribute to Olympus E-M5 Key Line Art Filter @ Tokyo

I have been using Olympus E-series cameras for few years, simply because I don’t know how to operate the complex SLR. After a while, I am fallen in love with the PEN series (by the way, there is actually an active Olympus Pen Lovers Facebook group in Malaysia).Key Line views at Asakusa (7)

This post is to pay tributes to the new OM-D series that makes me fall in love with travel again. So I use the new Key Line art filter to take a few shots during my recent visit to Tokyo.

Key Line views at Asakusa (6)

For travellers like me who are not a photographer and Photoshop expert, the good news is the art filters and all the pictures you see in this series were all Straight Out Of Camera (SOOC) using the key line art filter with zero cropping or editing. That is a great news to lazy folks like me.

Key Line views at Asakusa (4)

At first I was sceptical about the kit lens (m.Zuiko 12-50mm) but the lens was so versatile that I ended up using it 95% of the time (again, lazy to change lens).

Key Line views at Asakusa (5)

Key Line art filter is somehow good for architecture and line pattern, but not for portraiture.

Key Line views at Asakusa (1)

On a dull scene, the art filters like Dramatic Tone and Pin Hole could bring more fun to the boring picture.

Key Line views at Kawagoe (1)

Next time I should try on PETRONAS Twin Tower and see how it looks.

Key Line view at Shinjuku

Key Line also useful on extreme contrast where one side could be under the shadow while other part of the picture was brightly lit.

Key Line views at Asakusa (3)

On a clear blue day, I won’t get the clouds appearing in white patches against the blue sky.

Key Line views at Kawagoe (2)

Thanks to Olympus, the lazy traveller’s dream is fulfilled with a lightweight and fun camera, and I don’t have to learn Photoshop too. Smile

Key Line view at Roppongi

Looking forward to Olympus to having more innovative photography products. Thank you.


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