Yummy Japanese Foods 日本美食

My impression of authentic Japanese foods is their focus on freshness of the raw ingredients and the quality of the food. The attention to details in the cooking is another signature of ‘made in Japan’ products.


Japanese Foods (9)

Even this simple hot soba noodle we tried at the foot hill of Mt. Fuji (next to Lake Kawaguchiko) was really tasty (may be we were hungry).


Japanese Foods (5)

We ate lots of ramen on the recent trip to Tokyo. One of the best experience was eating at the narrow lane at Shinjuku.


Japanese Foods (6)

The best (again, because we were hungry) was the Sansada tempura at Asakusa, opened since 1838. The tempura was soften by the sauce. Restaurant opens on 11:30am and make sure you queue earlier for the limited seats.




Many tourists would try the fresh (but over priced) sushi at the Fish Market. I am not a raw food enthusiast, so I will go for cooked food.


Japanese Foods (8)

I would say the ramen store at the outer market tasted good (especially the soup) and the price is reasonable.


Japanese Foods (3)

Anything highly recommended is the variety of fried fish cakes sold at the outer market. The snack below has bacon wrapped around the fish paste. Could you imagine the taste of it? We tried one of the fishcake (250円), it was goooood.


Japanese Foods (2)

Most of the temple offer the vegetarian noodle. This variant has slice of meat as topping.


Japanese Foods (10)

All the meats are 50% fat 50% lean meat to ensure tenderness. I am not a fan of animal fat, so I couldn’t finish the fatty portion of this seemingly taste good beef rice.


Japanese Foods (4)

I prefer lean meat even though the texture is tougher.

Japanese Foods (1)

The Japanese rice is generally short and round in shape as compared to the rice species produced in China or Thailand. The texture is slightly sticky which is convenient to be eaten with chopstick.


Japanese Foods (7)

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