Flora @ Tokyo

As a well kept mega metropolitan city, Tokyo is filled with flora.

Flora at Tokyo (6)

Many shops and houses planted potted plants, bonsai, or trees to beautify the living space.

Flora at Tokyo (7)

It makes strolling on the city street a pleasant exercise.

Flora at Tokyo (5)

Unknown tiny flower.

Flora at Tokyo (11)

This bamboo wall was inside the Kitanomaru Park near my hotel.

Flora at Tokyo (3)

All these flowers and trees were not taken in the jungle but on the street and city center.

Flora at Tokyo (4)

This type of blooming flowers were common scene in spring (outside someone’s house).

Flora at Tokyo (8)

Some flowers facing up, some facing down.

Flora at Tokyo (10)

Some on the tall branches, some are on the ground.

Flora at Tokyo (1)

By looking at this picture, it is hard to imagine that this park is just besides a busy road.

Flora at Tokyo (2)

I used software to turn one of the images to ‘negative film’ effect so that I can share the beauty of the branches with you.

Flora at Tokyo (9)

I would time my next trip with the Sakura blossom (April), that will be really wonderful.

3 thoughts on “Flora @ Tokyo

  1. Anonymous says:

    I believe the name of the “unknown tiny flower” is “ギンモクセイ”…?
    By the way, what is the name of the flower below the line “some are on the ground”? I think I know it, but I can’t remember.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry I made a mistake. It can’t be ギンモクセイ. The leafs are small.
    It may be “ツゲ” or “イヌツゲ”. Wikipedia says it’s native to Japan. (I’m Japanese and I thought the flower looked familiar to me.)

    • Anonymous says:

      It could be イヌツゲ. I saw this plant at a residential area. What caught my attention was the entire plant was blossom with pleasant flowers. It made me happy just looking at it. Luckily there was no guarding dog chasing after me. – Tennyson 🙂

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