Japanese Snacks 日本の小食

Traveling in Taipei and Tokyo has one thing in common – snacks.

Japanese Snack (6)

Green tea and red bean are the common ingredients used in many street snacks.

Japanese Snack (1)

Typical tiny piece of snack is around USD2+.

Japanese Snack (11)

In general, the quality of the ingredients and food preparation process are above average.

Japanese Snack (2)

The delicate food decoration can be seen in most snacks and meals.

Japanese Snack (4)

The snack below was BBQ triangular rice, topped with shredded squid.

Japanese Snack (3)

Slow cooking of the flour on every side of the red bean cake was a slow process to make a typical delicate snack.

Japanese Snack (12)

Squid ball is a popular street food but not my favourite.

Japanese Snack (10)

If you are vegetarian, how about a chilled cucumber stick?

Japanese Snack (14)

I would rather go for the slow baked sweets.

Japanese Snack (5)

Or the pan fried fish cake.

Japanese Snack (9)

The boiled caramel biscuit has interesting production process.

Japanese Snack (13)

If you like sweet snack, there are plenty of choices.

Japanese Snack (8)

If you like salty snack, then this BBQ salted fish may be worth tasting.

Japanese Snack (16)

So far, my favourite (and surprisingly also the cheapest) snack on Tokyo streets is fried chicken.

Japanese Snack (17)

The worst experience was the fishy smell jelly texture ‘potato’.

Japanese Snack (15)

It was a fantastic travel experience sampling the street foods and snacks around Tokyo city. Besides the traditional Japanese snacks, the presentation of the western deserts and bakeries are also world class quality.

Japanese Snack (7)

I was too busy sampling the snacks. Please pardon my ignorance and unable to remember all their names and prices.

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