Statues around Tokyo

Statues and symbolic objects are another interesting observation on the streets of Tokyo.


The most famous of all would be the loyal dog statue named Hachiko outside of Shibuya station. You may have watched the movie (US adaptation of the touching Japanese true story) played by Richard Gere.

This dog at Kawagoe might not be as famous as Hachiko, but he wore cool sunshade starring at us.

Statue (2)

Statues are everywhere. This hippo welcome us to his home.


This guy did not like his photo to be taken.

Statue (5)

The other fellow care less sitting on top of the roof at Asakusa.

Statue (6)

Asakusa Shrine compound is filled with religious statues.


Other temples have their own guardian statues.


All the parks are filled with pleasant statues and art works.

Statue (3)

This interesting statue was made from paper.

Statue (4)

Like the Maneki Neko (招财猫), the owl is another lucky animal symbol.

Statue (1)

Of course, Tokyo has Tokyo Tower that resembles Eiffel Tower. There is also a Statue of Liberty at the Tokyo Bay.

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