Malaysia International Tourism Exchange (MITE 2012)

MITE 2012 debut was held from 31st May to 3rd June 2012.

MITE 2012 (1)

Tourism Malaysia pronounced this was a successful event, but I doubt so. I like to visit the actual place and event instead of accepting what the official media and press release.

MITE 2012 (11)

As a visitor and traveller, I would rate the organization of the event 2 out of 10 (10 being Excellent). Hope the organizer sees it as room for improvement (their website will remote any negative comments on the forum).

MITE 2012 (9)

There are ample parking lots (over supply) at MAEPS Serdang. What they need is more direction sign boards.

MITE 2012 (10)

The food stores could be improved as it should reflect the variety and tasty Malaysian food.

The event supposed to start on 10am but many merchants arriving at 11am. The BMX competition supposed to start on 10am but we waiting under the sun since for 2 hours, and nothing happened until we were leaving by 1:30pm.

MITE 2012 (3)

The skateboard competition was late too, and don’t expect anything like X-Game.

MITE 2012 (4)

The graffiti competition was the slightly more colourful event, but I pity the artists who have to suffer the heat and sprayed for hours under the sun.

MITE 2012 (6)

There were only around 10 artists joining the competition, and less than 10 visitors watching the BMX, skateboard and graffiti competitions (while we were there). So I did not see the 16,000 visitors on Sunday (supposed to the peak traffic).

MITE 2012 (7)

If the event improves 10% at a time, I would recommend you to visit MITE 2020, it may be an excellent event in the future. I am looking forward to having a more successful event, 2012 was just the debut.

MITE 2012 (8)

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