Anime Festival Asia Malaysia 2012 (Part 2)

AFA 2012 debut in Malaysia today.

AFA MY 2012 (34)

It was a carnival for the cosplay participants.

AFA MY 2012 (27)

There were shops, games and concerts on this 2-day festival.

AFA MY 2012 (16)

Canon is one of the sponsors (so there is a Canon Express lane for ticket and other camera booth).

AFA MY 2012 (21)

The queue early this morning exceeded few hundreds people. I think tomorrow will have fewer as many visitors purchased 2-day ticket. We won’t be going tomorrow because we just dropped by for few quick shots of the interesting cosplay costumes.

AFA MY 2012 (36)

What do you call one who does costuming? ‘’Custumer’ or ‘Cosplayer’?

AFA MY 2012 (23)

People who cosplay are also friendly to photographers.

AFA MY 2012 (24)

So I have to say a big THANK YOU to all the cosplayers who posed for my snapshot.

AFA MY 2012 (15)

The layout at AFA MY 2012 was slightly better than ANIMAX 2012. At least there were some black panels and white background suitable for photo.

AFA MY 2012 (26)

The wall posters were non-reflective or back-lit. Back-lit poster looks nice but it is a nightmare for camera’s dynamic range (contrast).

AFA MY 2012 (11)

Due to the huge crowd, it was more challenging to get clean shot without the arms and legs in the background.

AFA MY 2012 (1)

There will be anisong (songs that I couldn’t comprehend, thus I didn’t pay for the concert ticket) tonight and tomorrow. The anime fans will be hanging around and not to miss meet the celebrities.

AFA MY 2012 (33)


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