Anime Festival Asia Malaysia 2012 (Part 3)

It is just costume play (cosplay), so don’t be too serious.

AFA MY 2012 (31)

You can act momentarily as any character of your choice.

AFA MY 2012 (22)

Cosplay character is not you.

AFA MY 2012 (28)

It is merely the character you like to be.

AFA MY 2012 (32)

So uncles and aunties, not to be too worry (unless the hobby really affect the balance of study and daily life of your children).

AFA MY 2012 (9)

Cosplay gives one the ‘freedom’ to dress in costumes that only exist in the animated world.

AFA MY 2012 (37)

You can also act 10 years younger than your real age.

AFA MY 2012 (35)

You could choose a colour opposite of your working uniform, including changing the colours of your eyes and hair.

AFA MY 2012 (17)

No one (except your closed friends) recognize who you are.

AFA MY 2012 (29)

If you really embarrass if someone recognize you, the most popular costume will be the trooper or any costume that cover from head to toes.

AFA MY 2012 (3)

Authority won’t arrest you no matter how menacing your weapon looks.

AFA MY 2012 (5)

AFA MY 2012 (7)

Will Smith (Man-in-black) won’t send you back to your planet if you look different.

AFA MY 2012 (20)

So feel free to be the character you want to be.

AFA MY 2012 (19)

So dear cosplayers, have fun this weekend at AFA Malaysia! That you all for the wonderful display of your beautiful costumes.

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