Penang Durian

There are few famous durian eating places in Malaysia. Balik Pulau (Penang) is one of the farming area to taste the local variety. The signature durian from Penang would be Red Prawn.

red prawn

Could you see the durian is smiling at me? The soft flesh is sticky and the bitterness would elevate durian lovers to cloud nine.

We visited Bao Sheng Durian Farm and joined the durian fest. I am surprising to see the owner Mr Chang at the Maxis Jom Durian Festival within the same week in Kuala Lumpur, the farm was the supplier to the durian festival.

Bao Sheng Durian Farm

Anyway, there is no ‘best’ durian cultivar but plenty of good durian varieties in South East Asia. My favourites are Malaysian durian naturally ripe (and drop) from tree. Some rare cultivars are not sold in public because of the limited supply.

Here were the 6 cultivars (different varieties) of Penang durians we tried at Balik Pulau.

Hor Lor

Hor Lor is one of the variety that can be easily recognized by the shape of the shell and the dry (sticky, less moist, creamy) flesh. I personally like softer and bitter flesh, so this variety is not for me.

Kun Poh Ang Pak

According to the durian catalogue provided by Bao Sheng Durian Farm (see, it was a big biggest, it comes with product catalogue), Kun Poh “was named after the late Lau Khun Poh who first bud-crafted it”. I love the bitter sweet taste and the super thick flesh. Too bad there is no coffee to go with this durian.

Little Red

‘Little Red’ has the cutest name in Chinese. It sounds like a young lady’s name. The flesh is sweet and creamy.

Green Skin 15

Green Skin got its name from the bright green thorny skins (which durian does not have thorns?). Choose the wrinkled flesh, it tastes better.


D604 sounds like name of atomic bomb. The freshly dropped fruit could numb your tongue.

Damn it! I am hungry for more durians now. I will post more durian collection from other trips such as Raub (Musang King).

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