George Town and Air Itam

Here were some quick snapshots while bringing friends for a quick visit to George Town. The memorable part was getting to listen to the impromptu jamming session, East meeting West.

George Town (4)

We started our day at Chowrasta Market.

Chowrasta Market (1)

Besides visiting the famous food stall like Poh Piah, Teochew Cendul, friend keoy teow and laksa (Penang Road), there are plenty of road side snacks.

Chowrasta Market (2)

‘Standard tour’ won’t miss out Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling.

George Town (2)

Covering many Kongsi community halls.

George Town (1)

May be I should try to take one series of black and white travel photos.

George Town (5)

My favourite is still colour photos because it gives more complete information to the reader. If I take the blue mansion in black & white, you probably won’t recognize it.

George Town (6)

Or the road side flower in B&W.

George Town (3)

B&W may work for this old building against the high rise Komtar in the background.

George Town

We also made a quick trip to Kek Lok Si (just to complete our ‘site collection’, and to try the assam laksa at the foot hill).

Kek Lok Si Temple (3)

It was another hot day, so we reserve Kek Lok Si for afternoon visit.

Kek Lok Si Temple (1)

This plant looked the same from last visit few months ago.

Kek Lok Si Temple (4)

Kek Lok Si Temple (2)

Another interesting detour at Balik Pulau was the stopover at the nutmeg factory. I don’t like to eat nutmeg but surprisingly I love the juice. It was like plum juice, very refreshing when served cold.


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