Cameron Highlands (June 2012)

We were trying to catch another glimpse of the sunrise at the plantation.

Cameron Highlands (7)

The ‘egg yolk’ appeared less than 1 minutes and hidden behind the thick cloud.

Cameron Highlands (9)

Peninsular Malaysia has been covering with haze these couple of days.

Haze reduced visibility and clarify of the landscape vista.

Cameron Highlands (10)

The highlands still have fresher air than the crowded city.

Cameron Highlands (8)

It must be breath taking to wake up in houses on the hill top overlooking the greenery.

Cameron Highlands (11)

We could see the plantation workers cutting and collecting tea buds and leaves early in the morning.

Cameron Highlands (1)

I love to pause and to observe the changing colours of the tea leaves at different time.

Cameron Highlands (2)

It was fun attempting to describe various tones of green.

Cameron Highlands (6)

We also like to take short walk along the trails and to be away from the main road.

Cameron Highlands (12)

The panorama view was taken as a standard shot from the Boh’s cafe.

Cameron Highlands (5)

The temperature at Cameron Highlands is rising, some tropical crops such as papaya trees could be seen at the farm land. That is an worrying sign.

Cameron Highlands (14)

If global warming worsening, our children will be picking durian and not strawberries on Cameron Highlands.

Cameron Highlands (13)

2 thoughts on “Cameron Highlands (June 2012)

  1. Calvin says:

    Hello! you have really beautiful shots of the tea plantations at cameron highlands. i’m going there for a wedding photoshoot and would like your help in recommending which tea plantations to go. pls let me know if u know of good places in Cameron Highlands to take sunset shots as well? Thank you!

    • Hi Calvin, thanks. There are at least 4 accessible tea plantations on Cameron Highlands. The most popular has to be Boh Tea Plantation at Sungai Palas, Brinchang. Take note that the tea house and factory open to tourists from 9am to 4;30pm. You can visit other part of the plantation. For sunrise, suggest to reach the higher part of the hill slope before 6:45am, you can view the first light break through the mist. On the junction of the Boh Plantation guard house, going to the left will the be highest point car can drive up on Peninsular Malaysia (6666 feet), you can find the famous mossy forest over that route. Other popular spots for wedding photography would be the Smoke House. Wish you all the best.

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