Putrajaya Floria 2012 (part 3)

In general, Floria 2012 is a good event, quite similar to the past events (this is the 5th year).

Putrajaya Floria 2012 (32)

There are some merchants selling flowers and tourist items. Some artists are playing music, painting and even performing art.

Putrajaya Floria 2012 (23)

Gardening and landscaping are part of the main exhibits of this event. So there are plenty of decoration items on display.

Putrajaya Floria 2012 (29)

Many countries and local organizations/schools participating in the exhibition too.

Putrajaya Floria 2012 (27)

Decorations are another interesting things to see besides flora.

Putrajaya Floria 2012 (33)

Many of the decos were made of wood or natural materials.

Putrajaya Floria 2012 (28)

The landscaping and decorations give many ideas to the visitors how to transform their gardens.

Putrajaya Floria 2012 (25)

Everyone fully maximize the built in camera in their smart phone and tablets. Photographers with SLR cameras were ‘attacking’ the exhibition space. when VIP came, flower has to be left aside.Putrajaya Floria 2012 (30)

I believe the open space and bountiful of flora is great for family outing.

Putrajaya Floria 2012 (22)

Remember to put on sun block or carry an umbrella. Avoid the sun on high noon, so go early or in the late evening to avoid the tropical heat.

Putrajaya Floria 2012 (24)

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