Chan She Shu Yuen 陈氏书院

Many people passed by Chan She Shu Yuen near Petaling Street, but not many stopped for a visit.

Chan She Shu Yuen (2)

Some tourist thought this is another Chinese temple or school, and not knowing that it was a clan ancestral house (陈氏宗嗣).

Chan She Shu Yuen (8)

Personally, I think the decorative figures on the front facet could be the most beautiful in Kuala Lumpur. The tiny figures were all around the front wall. Zooming into the figures reveal surprising details of the expression. Just look at the posture of the hands and the different hairstyles.

Chan She Shu Yuen (5)

The following picture was taken on the upper portion of the front wall. I try to show you the relatively tiny size of these figures.

Chan She Shu Yuen (3)

The house was in a run down state and about to commerce a major renovation. It was built completed on 1906 after facing years of obstacles.

Chan She Shu Yuen (9)

After over a century, the building is still very impressive.

Chan She Shu Yuen (7)

I think it will attract more tourists after the renovation.

Chan She Shu Yuen (6)

I seldom hear locals said I want to visit Chan She Shu Yuen. If you are visiting Petaling Street for the first time, I would recommend you to pay a visit if you like culture and architecture.

Chan She Shu Yuen (15)

The building is small, I seen tourists walked in and out in less than 2 minutes.

Chan She Shu Yuen (12)

I could easily spend half and hour admiring the details.

Chan She Shu Yuen (14)

I never seen a tinted glass with bats in Malaysia.

Chan She Shu Yuen (16)

The design follow the similar ancestral community hall in China, but the artisan made some tropical adaptations.

Chan She Shu Yuen (11)

Everywhere I turn has something interesting to see.

Chan She Shu Yuen (1)

I bet you can easily find 10 designs you wouldn’t find in other Taoist temples. This is because Chan She Shu Yuen is not a temple.

Chan She Shu Yuen (4)

On the hall yard is decorative rock on a used sowing machine.

Chan She Shu Yuen (10)

I am looking forward to visiting this impressive building after its renovation works.

Chan She Shu Yuen (13)

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